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The Road Less Traveled

As the day passes, the anticipation grows and the hunger for an adventure swiftly consumes your soul and your mind.  It’s like falling in love… you spend your night sleepless and your days, daydreaming, except unlike love, you’ll never hit the ground. You watch these neighborhood streets and city blocks that once confined your dreams, slowly vanish in the rear view, and the only thing left are the roads ahead of you.  You’ve broke the mold, you’re on the road less traveled.  Oh the places you can go. What could be, will surely be what will be, and what will be, would surely be great. 

The Road Less Traveled

Goal 1, Week 1: July 1, 2012

This week I want to focus on Finances, Control spending and maximize savings.  It doesn’t mean I can’t go out and have a good time, it just means less eating out, less drinking, and less wasteful spending on things I don’t need. 

Goal #1: Spend less than $40 this week. (Excluding transportation cost, and bills)

Here is how:

  • Bring snacks and lunch to work
  • Eat all meals at home (Breakfast and Dinner)
  • Eat out or go out for drinks one time this week
  • Leave credit cards and debit cards at home
  • Stay off groupons
Preparing to Move:

Preparing to move is such an exciting time.  Nights and days are spent dreaming of the endless possibilities; maybe I’ll land a perfect job, find a perfect apartment, meet some amazing people and make some new friends, and just maybe fall in love with someone that would change my whole life and alter my path for good(maybe we should call this journey “The Quest To Find Love”).   I’m a very optimistic person as you can tell.  I’m really looking forward to the move, and definitely the change of scenery would be great for me. 

As the destination and the dates are now set in stone, I can now begin to make plans, set goals in preparation for the move.  There are quite a few things that must come together in order to make this goal a reality.  Most of the concerns are finances, some loss ends that I have to tie up here, and getting things set at my destination like, jobs, school, and living situation.   

Here is a list of goals that would help make this move smooth.  These goals are general, each week I will dig in deeper with each goal. 

Funding the move and financial uncertainty

I’ve giving myself 3 months to secure a stable income, which means, I will have to have enough funds to make my way there and survive three months of Rent, bills and day to day living expenses. 


  • ·         Control Spending & Maximize Savings
  • ·         Sell the Car

Living situation

When am I going to live? How much am I able to spend on rent?  How is public transportation? Will I need a car? How will I meet people?


  • ·         Research neighborhood and cost of living
  • ·         Choose a location that match the amount willing to pay for rent and life style
  • ·         Enroll in class that the local college
  • ·         For some organization to volunteer while search for a job

Loss Ends

Closing accounts and saying goodbyes. 


  • ·         Quit my job
  • ·         Close accounts I may not need anymore
  • ·         Goodbye parties
Searching for an Adventure, Looking for Something More!

Searching for an Adventure, Looking for Something More!

Part 1: Portland, 100 Goals, 100 Weeks

As I sat down and begin to think about my goals and my life 100 weeks from now, it became clear that I absolutely have no idea where I want to be.  However, no matter where I saw my life 100 weeks from now, it was clear that I did not want to be here. 

One of my dreams has always been to move to Europe somewhere, any western country will do, maybe somewhere in the Scandinavia, Denmark or Sweden.  I have no clue how I can make this happen, the good thing is that, 100 weeks should be enough time to find a way and prepare myself to move to Europe. 

My intimate, short term goal is to move to Portland.  Back in 2010, when I left Boston, Hawaii was the destination.  Although I have yet to make it my way there, I did not regret a moment these two years spent at home in Cali.  I got the chance to spending time with my nieces and nephew, getting closer to my family, connecting with long lost friends, and even made some new friends from Europe. 

Although moving to Hawaii was an old goal I have set for myself and haven’t reached, after much consideration, I’ve decided to pursue another destination, Portland.  


100 Goals, 100 Weeks

In a little over a month I am turning 26.  And although I have enjoyed and valued my experiences these last few years, I feel I am far from where I want to be at this age.  I know not to compare my life to another person’s life; after all, we don’t share the same path so our perception of life might be differing.  But for me personally, I don’t feel content with my life at this moment in time.  Not to say that I am not happy with my life, but I feel I am capable of so much more. Lately I have been living a worried free life style, “Hakuna Matata” if you will.  And at time it’s the best feeling ever, but I am missing the bigger picture.  I don’t make strive for the bigger goal, the future.  After a few weeks of collecting my thoughts, I have the notion that I am living an unproductive and unfulfilling life. 

So, to enhance my life and live a much more productive and fulfilling life, I decided to follow in the steps of Ian Usher, in his book, “A life Sold.”  In this books, Ian Usher decides to leave his past behind and begin his new chapter.  He sold his entire life on Ebay and uses the money to begin a journey of fulfilling 100 lifelong goals in 100 weeks.   In this book he takes us through that journey. 

Now I don’t plan to sell my life, nor can I.  My material possessions can’t fund a trip around the globe or even a trip across country.  My weekly goals won’t be lifelong goals, but will be small goals that lead to the bigger picture.  These goals will enhance my life and help me life a much more productive and fulfilling life. 

Over the next few weeks, I will collect my thoughts and envision where I want to be in 100 weeks.  Only then can I begin to set weekly goals.  These goals will involve careers, relationship, love, traveling, money, community, family and much more. 

If you have any recommendation for goals, please send it my way.  I would love to hear what you have in mind. 

On July 1st, 2012, I will begin my 100 goals in 100 weeks.

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Pick Up Where We Left Off

I hope that time don’t change us

That these months apart only help us grow fonder for one another

And the thousands of miles and ocean that divide us are a test of the distances we will travel to feel the touch of our fingers intertwine

I hope that the people walking in and out of our lives helps us grow stronger and wiser

That their charm and beauty only remind us of what we have and what we miss in one another

And in time, they don’t alter our path and steal our hearts away

I hope that down the road, the sparks we have, don’t fade in time

That when we finally meet again, months from now, it catches fire and burns uncontrollably in our hearts

And there, we can begin to pick up where we left off

Searching for an Adventure, Looking for Some Thing More!

Searching for an Adventure, Looking for Some Thing More!

A Moment In Time

We were tangled up in hotel sheets

Our bared skin touched, our fingers intertwined

For hours we laid, softly exchanging words

We ignored all sense of time, hoping the moment won’t pass

It was perfect, made for the cinema

How did we get here? Where do we go from here?